Soup, Beef Soup, Noodle Soup

It’s a cold winter day. It’s below zero. You’re running home from school as a kid as you bolt through the door, with your fingers feeling like they’re about ready to come off, your mother says to you,”Sit down, I will make you a nice hot bowl of soup”. While it doesn’t necessarily have to be below zero to like a bowl of hot soup, there is not any doubt that nothing beats it when you feel like you’ve been living in the North Pole. And in case you can not decide what sort of soup to have to be able to heat up, this report offers up a couple of suggestions.
According to older mother’s tales, not only is this kind of soup good for warming you up but it’s also great if you’ve got a cold. Of course we’re referring to the popular chicken soup or chicken noodle soup. A whole book could be written on this kind of soup but the basics are fairly easy. Chicken soup, home made that is, consists of chicken broth and seasonings. You get the broth after you cook the chicken itself. Of course if you’re too lazy to cook, there is always Campbell’s Chicken Soup. You can get these in many varieties, such as their Chunky Soups, which comprise some good chunks of chicken.
But chicken soup is not the be all and end all soups. As a matter of fact, chicken soup has become so prevalent that many people are dying for a change. Well, they don’t have to die too long since there are more than enough varieties of soups to keep even the most finicky person happy.
A large soup for throwing in things like small hot dogs and salami is pea soup. Pea soup has a very thick texture, unlike most other soups. If you’re not a lover of vegetables, particularly peas, then this is most likely not a soup you are likely to want to try as it has a very different flavor. You are probably not going to need to handle making this from scratch. Campbell’s has an excellent pea soup which you can add your own salami or hot dogs to.
On the other hand, if you like your veggies, then a good vegetable soup is most likely something that you’ll enjoy. The great thing about these soups is that you can pretty much put anything into them that you enjoy including celery, carrots, lima beans and a lot of other vegetables. A good vegetable soup could be a meal all by itself.
Yes, there are plenty of soups to maintain any soup lover more than just content.

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